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Did you know Cafés Richard, carefully SELECTS BEANS from the best plantations?! Then they blend different origins based on their variety and their terroir before roasting them to ensure a uniform and balanced final product. They specialize in the delicate FRENCH ROASTING PROCESS, a medium light coffee bean roasting. This roasting brings out the best flavors and creates the perfect balance in the cup. Their EXPERIENCE and "savior-faire" over many decades has made them one of the leading coffee experts in FRANCE.
Did you know Cafés Richard's, tea and herbal infusion Master, Lydia Gautier, has the knowledge on how to infuse these beautiful tea leaves into lovely teas for the tea lovers.  There are white teas, green teas, black teas, and herbal teas.
We truly enjoy Cafés Richard's coffee and tea!  We hope you will too.
William & Jennifer


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