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Cafés Richard is a TRADITIONAL French coffee roaster from Paris, France. Evolving from the Maison Richard founded in 1892, it has remained a FAMILY business for four generations. So deeply linked to French gastronomy, French "Art de Vivre" and to PARIS, Cafés Richard is proudly served in 3 out of every 4 cafés, restaurants, and hotels in the City of Light. Cafés Richard continues to inspire the confidence of it 42,500 clients trough PREMIUM quality and service, thus firmly holding onto its position as FRANCE'S MOST BELOVED COFFEE!

From Saint-Germain-des-Prés to Montmartre via the Grands Boulevards, the UNIQUE bistro atmosphere offers a blend of emotion, culture and animated discussion. If every one of the thousands of cafés in Paris has its own personality; they also have one point in common: Cafés Richard, a key factor contributing to their AUTHENTICITY.

Today, Cafés Richard is run by Pierre Richard, with his two children, Anne and Arnaud, combining the human values for which the company is known with the expertise of its specialists.

Their passion for coffee is closely linked with their expertise when it comes to carefully selecting the most quality beans and assuring the perfect roast. The tasting experience is the ultimate phase, essential for guaranteeing the most developed aromas and the right balance. This professionalism and know-how has given rise to prestigious coffees such as Florio  and Perle Noire.

At Cafés Richard, we carefully SELECT BEANS from the best plantations. Then we blend different origins based on their variety and their terroir before roasting them to ensure a uniform and balanced final product. We are specialist of the delicate FRENCH ROASTING PROCESS, a medium light coffee bean roasting. This roasting brings out the best flavors and creates the perfect balance in the cup. Our EXPERIENCE and "savior-faire" over many decades have given us a solid position as one of the leading coffee experts in FRANCE.

Cafés Richard has also been applauded for its wonderful range of classic and herbal teas. Traditional flavors and delicious innovations delight those who crave serenity and well-being, adding a sublime dimension to their treasured tea-drinking ritual.

In addition to its collection of exclusive blends and pure origin coffees, its classic and herbal teas, Cafés Richard provides chocolates, sugars and other sweet treats!

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