Herbal Infusions

The exclusive collection of classic herbal infusions, all organically sourced, and carefully selected for their aromatic qualities. As for the exclusive recipes of herbal infusions, you will be sure to come up with new appreciations beyond the usual ones : relaxing, digestive, draining. A great summertime drink served iced. Preferable without milk.

Classic Herbal Infusions

VerbenaA great refreshing classic with hints of citrus.

ChamomileA nice selection of small chamomile flowers with sweet and floral aromas.

PeppermintIntense and refreshing herbal infusion.

Verbena Mint:  Calming.  A traditional alliance of plants. A pleasure for the senses.

Exclusive Herbal Infusions

Tisane des Comptoirs:  Relaxing.  A crisp herbal infusion composed of lime blossom, verbena, lemongrass, peppermint, and orange blossoms.

Réves Enfantins:  Fruity.  A delicious infusion with a nice fruity acidity, mixing apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, licorice and red fruit aromas. 


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