Lydia Gautier - Tea Expert

Lydia Gautier is a Tea & Herbal Infusion Expert

As coffee has its exclusive signature blends and beans, our tea selection benefits from the expertise of one of the greatest professionals in the field. Lydia Gautier has been a tea and herbal infusion Master for over twenty years.

She is continually looking for top-tier quality tea leaves in both famous and less well-known plantations, uncovering new and novel flavors and varieties in the course of her travels to the tea producing countries.

Also a creator of exclusive recipes, she proposes mixtures which can accompany both savory and sweet dishes or which are simply gourmet compositions to be enjoyed. She acts as advisor for our clients in order to best adapt their tea and herbal infusion selection to their menu : from breakfast / brunch to dinner, without, of course, forgetting tea time.
Beyond the sourcing, the traceability and the composition of the range of the different tea varieties proposed by Maison Richard, Lydia Gautier also facilitates training programs at I'UniversiThé, where both professionals and students at hotel academies learn about the art of preparing and serving tea. A satellite training workshop has also been opened in Paris.
Lydia Gautier's publications.

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