Black tea

Hidden behind the expertise of a rich and complex selection are several origins, each with an authentic taste:  China, India, Sri Lanka...
Black tea has preserved its noble qualities throughout time thanks to its rich varieties and its full-bodied and coppery infusions, ranging from strong flavors to more hearty or fruity undertones, depending on whether it is plain or flavored.

May be enjoyed with or without milk. 

Black Teas

Breakfast B.O.P.:  A natural and intense tea, ideal for breakfast and a quick wake-up. To enjoy with or without milk.

Jardins de Darjeeling:  The perfect blend of various gardens of Darjeeling (India) offering a refined and well-balanced tea.

Flavored Black Teas

Grand Earl Grey:  The black tea from China is embellished with bergamot aromas. The perfect accompaniment for breakfast and sweet breaks.

Wild BerriesCelebrating the flavor of wild berries, this black tea is a sweet and juicy pleasure.

Vanilla Toffee:  A blend of subtle vanilla aromas and delightfully sweet toffee flavors. This full bodied tea is perfect for any hour of the day.

Apple Cherry:  A sweet and fruity mix of comforting old-fashioned flavors bringing back childhood memories of caramelized apples.

Noel:  A delicious blend of black tea with spices, orange peel, vanilla, pink pepper, pomegranate petals, and marigold petals.

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