About Us

William and Jennifer have been on an adventure! 
They founded Paname Coffee & Tea Importers in 2018 when they decided to blend their love of travel with coffee.  While living in Europe, William truly enjoyed the art of espresso and Jennifer studied in Rome where she developed an appreciation for art, beauty, and truly enjoying sipping a cappuccino.  In 2018, they opened their online shop and wholesale, so Cafés Richard coffee and Comptoirs Richard could be enjoyed in homes, restaurants, cafes, and hotels in the United States.
Cafés Richard is a traditional French coffee roaster from Paris, France. Evolving from the Maison Richard founded in 1892, it has remained a family business for four generations. So deeply linked to French gastronomy, French "Art de Vivre" and to Paris.
Cafés Richard offers a variety of products including organic tea, organic coffee, Fairtrade coffee, and 100% biodegradable capsules.  Cafés Richard also has classic blends that satisfy the palate.
Outside of their business, Jennifer and William enjoy hiking, traveling, and kayaking with their daughter.