Green Tea

The tea leaves are sourced from selection of provinces in China… originated from provinces where the beverage has recognized ancestral virtue and medicinal value. with aromatic grassy and refreshing notes a floral and fruity light finish. The selection of flavored green the teas will enhance the tea drinking experience of tea connoisseurs.  Preferable without milk.

Green Teas 

Sencha Green Tea:  A green tea from China in the Japanese style with crisp herbal aromas, an excellent accompaniment at lunch time, particularly with seafood.

Jasmine Green Tea:  A traditional tea of China with the delicious aroma of jasmine flowers.


Flavored Green Teas

Jardin des Merveilles:  A green tea whose combination of fruity flavors, reveals hints of peach and apricot.

Green Mint Tea:  An intensely refreshing oriental-style tea with its infusion revealing the full flavors of mint.

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