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The Tea Collection
Discover and taste all the aromatic richness of our natural or flavored teas and organic herbal teas. The whole leaves from different origins are meticulously selected by our tea expert.
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Cafés Richard
The coffee collection
Developed with precision by coffee-lovers, Cafés Richard blends are exclusive and made from jealously guarded recipes.
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Jamaica Blue Mountain
100% Arabica
Rare, it is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the best coffees in the world. The climate, specific terroirs of the Blue Mountains, and a rigorous selection process make this coffee an exceptional one.
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Herbal Tea
chamomile tea
Caffeine Free
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Chocolates & Treats
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The Ritual of Tea

France is famous for its flavored tea, also called "tea à la française".

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Warm Weather Means Cold Brew

Enjoy the sweet and smooth expression of cold brew coffee at home.

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Paris, France

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