E.S.E. Espresso Pods

Cafés Richard Espresso Pods

(E.S.E. Paper Pods)

A journey into a world of flavors... Like wine, each POD comes from a specific Terroirs and has its own profile, perfect to answer to every taste. This large selection of 100% ARABICA is freshly grounded. Each dose is tamped and packed in a neutral atmosphere to retain all its AROMAS.

These E.S.E. paper pods work with the Mr. Pod machine, the Ascaso, and a traditional espresso machine.

SUMATRA PODS BOX  ~ Intensity 3 ~ Organic & Fairtrade - 100% Arabica

This pure origin coffee is grown in a micro-climate of the the tropical forests of the Gayo Highlands.  The Gayo Highlands is an area on one of the ridges of the Bukit Barisan mountain range that runs along the island of Sumatra.  

Tasting Notes:  The Sumatra Orang Utan has a roundness and sweetness, with a long-lasting flavor that characterizes this complex and aromatic coffee with hints of dried fruit.

Orang Utan Project:  Cafés Richard is among the first coffee roasters in the world to participate in this project to save the Orangutans. This project works to prevent the gradual destruction of tropical rainforests, which were cut down due to intensive farming of palm oil. The rainforests need to stay intact so the orangutans have a place to live. This project encourages the planting of organic and sustainable coffee.

~$1.69 of every kilogram sold is given directly to the Orang Utan Coffee Project

COSTA RICA PODS BOX  ~ Intensity 6 ~

An arabica grown at a high altitude on the volcanic plateaus in the Tarrazu region.

Tasting Notes:  This vibrant and elegant coffee has a bright acidity with hints of red fruits. Round and pleasant with a long finish.


Tasting Notes:  This decaffeinated blend retains all of its aroma and flavor, offering an enjoyable espresso at any moment of the day.

Jamaique Blue Mountain ~ Intensity 4 ~

Rare, it is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the best coffees in the world. The climate, specific terroirs of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and a rigorous selection process make this an exceptional one.

Tasting Notes:  Soft, sweet and aromatic flavors. A well balanced, rare and exceptional coffee.  This is an exclusive coffee.

MOKA D'ETHIOPIE PODS BOX  ~ Intensity 3 ~ 100% Arabica

The Moka D'Ethiopie originated from the Yrgacheffe Sidama region of Ethiopia, where coffee was discovered. All the flavors of this pure origin can be revealed though an espresso or slow brew for the pleasure of coffee connoisseurs.

Tasting Notes:  This coffee has a delicate flavor with floral & citrus hints and a complex aroma.

CAFÉ FLORIO PODS  ~ Intensity 8 ~ 100% Arabica

Tasting Notes:  The aroma is sweet and mellow with notes of dark chocolate. The palate is intense yet refined and rounded, softening to a gentle sweetness. A long and lingering finish with aromatic hints of caramel and licorice.

MOKA HAZELNUT PODS  ~ Intensity 7 ~

Tasting Notes:  A wild and spicy coffee, subtly flavored with natural hazelnut aromas. The perfect combination of richness and satisfying flavor.

PERLE NOIRE PODS ~ Intensity 6 ~ 100% Arabica

Our emblematic blend - A unique & elegant blend of the finest arabica origins. An exceptional coffee, iconic of the Parisian brasseries.

Tasting Notes:  A round, harmonious and beautifully balanced blend of the finest Arabica origins. A generous, full-bodied yet rounded palate finishing with spicy notes of gingerbread and fruit.

MEXIQUE PODS  ~ Intensity 3 ~ Organic - 100% Arabica

An organic Grand Cru harvested by small producers from Santa Maria Ozolotepec on the slopes of the Sierras de Oaxaca in the south of Mexico. A refined and soft coffee, excellent for espresso or slow brewed coffee, to seduce the most discerning coffee amateurs.

Tasting Notes:  This coffee is gentle, with honey hints, slightly tart and light bodied.

HONDURAS PODS BOX  ~ Intensity 6 ~ Organic & Faritrade - 100% Arabica

Quiragüira: An Exceptional Terroir - An unique organic and fairtrade, grown by a community of small producers, very involved in the respect of a sustainable agriculture.

Tasting Notes:  A round and ample coffee with refined aromas. Bright acidity with fruity notes of plums and raisins.


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