Sumatra Pods Box
Sumatra Pods Box
Sumatra Pods Box
Sumatra Pods Box
Sumatra Pods Box
Sumatra Pods Box

Sumatra Pods Box

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ESE Paper Pods


Organic & Fairtrade - 100% Arabica

An Exceptional Terroir - Cafés Richard Exclusively

This pure origin coffee is grown in a micro-climate of the the tropical forests of the Gayo Highlands.  The Gayo Highlands is an area on one of the ridges of the Bukit Barisan mountain range that runs along the island of Sumatra.  

The Sumatra Orang Utan has a roundness and sweetness, with a long-lasting flavor that characterizes this complex and aromatic coffee with hints of dried fruit.

~Intensity 3~


Cafés Richard is among the first coffee roasters in the world to participate in this project to save the Orangutans. This project works to prevent the gradual destruction of tropical rainforests, which were cut down due to intensive farming of palm oil. The rainforests need to stay intact so the orangutans have a place to live. This project encourages the planting of organic and sustainable coffee.

~$1.69 of every kilogram sold is given directly to the Orang Utan Coffee Project

For home, office, coffee shops, restaurants & hotels. These paper pods are compatible with the Mr. Pod machine.

Size: Box of 25 paper pods.