Tea Mocktail: Au Temps des Tsarines

Tea Mocktail:  Au Temps des Tsarines


Au Temps des Tsarines is a sencha green tea flavoured with sweet orange and sprinkled with sunflower petals and orange peel. a recipe adapted from the traditional Russian tastes. Serve well chilled for a delicious, refreshing drink.


  • Steep the tea in a saucepan containing a litre (4 cups) of water at room temperature for 1 hour. Remove the bags or strain. 
  • Pour the tea into the carafe, add the strawberries cut into four, the half slices of orange, the grapefruit zest and the drizzle of sugar cane syrup (if wished). Add ice.
  • Serve in transparent stemmed glasses.
  • You can also place the other ingredients directly in the serving glasses and simply pour the tea over them.

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