Café Florio Whole Bean
Café Florio Whole Bean
Café Florio Whole Bean
Café Florio Whole Bean

Café Florio Whole Bean

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Café Florio is the perfect Italian-style coffee combining sweetness and force.  Café Florio is a 100% Arabica coffee.  The aroma is sweet and mellow with notes of dark chocolate. The palate is intense yet refined and rounded, softening to a gentle sweetness. A long and lingering finish with aromatic hints of caramel and licorice.  Powerful and smooth.  This is 2.2 pound (1 kilogram) whole bean bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Strath Wood
Review: Café Florio Whole Bean from Paname Coffee & Tea Importers

Paname Coffee & Tea Importers have consistently demonstrated excellence in the quality of their offerings and their unparalleled service. Their Café Florio Whole Bean is a testament to this unwavering commitment to quality.

The aroma captivates you from the moment you open the bag, promising an invigorating coffee experience. On brewing, the Café Florio does not disappoint. Its flavor profile is robust and nuanced, capturing the essence of a perfect blend that speaks volumes of its origins and meticulous processing. The coffee strikes a delightful balance, catering to the connoisseurs who revel in the complexities of taste and those who seek a straightforward, rich cup.

Moreover, the service accompanying this purchase was nothing short of fantastic. There's a personal touch that Paname Coffee & Tea Importers bring to each interaction, ensuring that every customer feels valued.

To top it all, the Café Florio Whole Bean comes at a very reasonable price point. Given the supreme quality and the splendid service, one might expect a premium price tag. However, Paname Coffee & Tea Importers have managed to offer this exceptional product at a cost that genuinely reflects their commitment to making quality coffee accessible to all.

In conclusion, the Café Florio Whole Bean from Paname Coffee & Tea Importers is a product of distinction. It represents a harmonious fusion of excellent coffee, fantastic service, and reasonable pricing. It comes highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their coffee-drinking experience

Cathy Gudewill


Whole bean cafe florio

Best coffee for french press☕️

James Delli Priscoli

Great service and quick delivery. Very responsive via text. We deal with again.

Kathleen Wierzbicki
Brings me back to Paris!!

I LOVE this coffee. It brings me back to beautiful Paris.

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