We Partner With Your Business, within the United States, Coast to Coast.  Our team is ready to work with you to fulfill your business' coffee, tea, training, equipment, and service needs.

What We Offer

We are committed to serving the highest-quality drinks and equipment and are excited to share these experiences with you and your customers. 

Coffee & Espresso

Our local, family owned business has partnered with a family business in Paris, Cafés Richard.  Cafés Richard is a traditional French coffee roaster and has been serving Cafés Richard coffee and tea in hotels and restaurants since 1892. 

We offer a wide range of Cafés Richard's coffee and espresso collections.  

  • Classic Blends
  • Organic and Fair Trade Pure Origins
  • ESE Paper Pods
  • Nespresso-Compatible, 100% biodegradable Fair Trade Capsules
  • Organic Ville de Paris Collection

Cafés Richard have developed long-term farmer and co-op partnerships, in order to stay involved in every step of creating a great coffee experience.

Elegance of Tea

Make your menu complete with Comptoirs Richard Teas & Herbal Infusions. Cafés Richard proposes a large range of  black, green, and white Comptoirs Richard teas and herbal teas, meticulously selected by Lydia, the tea expert.  All tea bags are individually wrapped, to enhance the aromas and ensure perfect freshness. 

Equipment + Service

We offer a full line of top quality equipment to outfit your business, including grinders, brewers, and espresso machines.  We also carry most accessories you many need, from airpots, insulated carafes, steaming pitchers, tampers, and Toddy cold brew coffee. 

Our service team can install and maintain all types of cafe brewing equipment, as well.  Our crew is extremely knowledgeable and on call 24-7 to make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape and your coffee tastes great.

Full Service Training

Cafés Richard USA barista training program is designed to meet your needs, whether you're opening a new cafe, continuing your coffee education, or looking to elevate your staff to competition-level drink preparation and latte art.  Our barista trainers have been trained by Michael McCauley at Cafés Richard's  Académie du Café, in Paris, France.

Partner with Us Today!

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