Ville De Paris Collection

Do you have a favorite coffee or tea collection? Mine happens to be the Ville de Paris collection.  In this collection, one can discover a fully organic range of elegant teas in muslin bags, as well as coffees named after Paris' most iconic places. Yes, even Parisian hot chocolate! Each coffee and tea has been designed by the master roasters and teaist at Cafés Richard to take on the spirit of their namesake. 

When I sip a cup of Café Champ de Mars, it takes me back to Paris.  I can see myself sitting on the grass by the Eiffel Tower under the warm sun, soaking up Paris!  The Sieste Royale aux Tuileries tea reminds me of relaxing in these tranquil gardens, enjoying a picnic lunch and dreaming of what it might have been to live in Paris throughout the centuries.

And who can forget the famous cafés and bistros that grace the City of Light?! Did you know that our Café Ville de Paris blend is served at the some of most renowned spots in the city? Enjoy a cup at Le Gay Lussac in the Quartier Latin (Paris 5), Le Sancerre Bistro (Paris 18), Cafe de l'Alma (Paris 7), and Odeon Saint Andre (Paris 6)? Now you can can bring that experience to your home...

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As emblematic company for the French gastronomic heritage, Maison Richard has been selected by the city of Paris to promote Parisian "Savoir-faire". With this "Ville De Paris" collection or Paris collection, you will discover organic coffees and teas, as well as chocolate squares named after iconic quarters in the capital, or the delicious mix of a smooth hot chocolate drink.

Champ de Mars (8.8 ounces or 250 grams)       Wise & Powerful

Intense and deliciously aromatic, this pure Arabica coffee is powerful and results of a slow and traditional roasting.

Bastille (8.8 ounces or 250 grams)       Bold & Delicious

A Pure Arabica coffee, delicately wild, whose supple and scented flavor are a celebration of this square, a living symbol of the French Revolution.

Champs Elysees (8.8 ounces or 250 grams)    Subtle & Full

An elegant and timeless coffee, in keeping with the most beautiful avenue in the world, to which it pays homage.  It is a subtle and complex, perfectly balanced and possessing great finesse.

Cafe des Abbesses (8.8 ounces or 250 grams)      Intense & Velvety

An exclusive single origin Arabica blend, whose strength and smoothness stand out perfectly, marking the spirit with the colors of this timeless and Bohemian district of Paris.

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