• Chemex (3 cups)

  • 1 paper Chemex filter

  • 1 kettle

  • 30 grams of freshly ground coffee

  • 450 grams of hot water (200°F)

  • 1 Scale & timer

  1. Weigh the quantity of coffee beans and put them into the grinder hopper. Grind just before preparing (medium-coarse grind - slightly finer than for a French Press).

  2. Fold the filter according to the steps below. Place it in the Chemex, with the 3 folds towards the spout.

  3. Thoroughly rinse the filter with hot water. The filter should adhere to the side walls. Adjust if necessary. Drain the water without removing the filter.

  4. Add the ground coffee into the filter and shake slightly to level the surface. Place the Chemex onto the scale and tare (zero out the scale). 

  5. In a spiral pattern starting in the center, slowly pour enough hot water (around 75 grams) to moisten the coffee. Let stand for 30 seconds (the «bloom») so that the aromas can be developed.

  6. Again in a spiral pattern, slowly pour the water onto the coffee until it reaches the top of the filter or until the scale reaches 262 grams. Let the full amount of water drip into the carafe.

  7. Repeat this ritual once again when the previous infusion is finished until the scale reaches 450 grams.

  8. When the last infusion is finished dripping, remove the filter and serve. Swirl to mix just before serving.


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