TopBrewer by Scanomat

The coffee experience you will never forget

Introducing Scanomat's TopBrewer Pro 2021 model.
Refined coffee quality, smarter, more sustainable.


A reassuring, personalized, and design-led coffee experience

We aim to deliver the most incredible coffee experiences and wow-factor moments - no matter what your business.

After nearly 60 years of developing high quality, high-performance commercial coffee machines, Scanomat bring you the world’s most advanced and innovative fully automatic coffee machine yet - TopBrewer.

With remote app control and cloud management services, you are in complete control of your coffee experience.

The premium office and hospitality coffee machine experience

TopBrewer gives you everything you could need and more from a commercial coffee machine for the office or hospitality environment, while saving precious counter space. Smart, consistent, and reliable barista-quality coffee and total customer control over the beverage.

Within the range of TopBrewer coffee machines, we have the TopBrewer Pro and the TopBrewer Compact. Built on the same brew technology - it's just a matter of performance and the number of bean hoppers.


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