What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee One Of The Best Coffees In The World

For a true coffee aficionado, the love for this beverage goes much beyond the everyday cuppa joe. It is about appreciating the subtle nuances of the flavors that the beans emanate in every sip. This is why when it comes to choosing the best coffee in the world, opinions are many and varied. Some prefer the classic, balanced flavor of Colombian coffee while some like the acidic tinge of Kenyan coffee. But one variety that finds favor among most coffee lovers is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It is one of the most expensive and highly-regarded single-origin beans in the coffee world. So, what makes it so great? There are many reasons. Let us look at some of them:


Elevation plays an important role in the quality of the coffee. The higher the elevation, the denser the bean, which translates into a richer cup of coffee. To be certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the beans need to be grown at an elevation between 1,800 and 5,500 feet above sea levels. The Blue Mountain Peak is the highest spot in Jamaica, and it is here, in a specific area, that these beans are cultivated.

Unique growing conditions

In addition to the elevation of the growing region, the microclimate also contributes to the delicious taste of the coffee. In the Blue Mountains, the climate is much cooler than the rest of the country. The area is also exposed to the northeast trade winds, which blanket the hills with cloud and mist, reducing sunlight. Reduced sunlight increases the maturation period of the coffee cherry, which, when coupled with the volcanic soil on which the plants grow, significantly enhances the aroma and flavor of the beans.

Strict quality control

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica is the only body that exports Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and they adhere to some pretty strict standards to ensure consistently good quality. They ensure that the coffee is sourced only from the designated growing regions. Each barrel of beans is inspected and graded for size and color. The defective beans are sorted out by hand! Then, professionals roast small samples and taste the coffee to make sure that it has the right flavor and aroma that is associated with this variety. Additionally, the board provides education and training to the growers and processors.

The best way to know why the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is so highly sought-after is to experience its exquisite taste. Now you can buy this rare, exceptional coffee at Cafés Richard. Browse through our website to discover a selection of some of the finest coffees from around the world.

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