Traditional Machine Maintenance


  • Bucket
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Brush for gaskets
  • Cleaning powder for coffee group
  • Cleaning liquid for steam wand


> Purge the groups to put at right temperature and renew the water from the day before
> Make 1 or 2 coffees on each group to eliminate any residual tastes of spent grounds or metal
> Check extraction time. It must be between 20 and 30 sec. for approximately 45 ml.


> Separate the porta-filter and the filter using a flat screw driver.
> Soak them for 10 mn in hot water with cleaning powder.
> Rince the spare parts until completely clean then reassemble.
> Put the powder in a porta-filter equipped with a «blind» filter
> Initiate the automatic cleaning cycle*
> Clean the seals using a brush
> Rinse the group by letting the water flow for 30 sec.

* If your machine does not have an automatic cleaning program, start the flow for 5 sec, stop flow and repeat 6 times until there is no more cleaning product.

> Fill a pitcher halfway with cold water. Add the cleaning liquid.
> Place the wand in the liquid
> Start the steam for 5 sec. Stop. And repeat 5 times.
> Rinse 6 times in a pitcher 1/2 filled with clean Coldwater and repeat the same process as previously.

> Remove the pitcher and purge for 3 sec.


> Disassemble the shower-head with the screwdriver or the key.

Do not lose the screw.

> Soak the pieces for10 mn in hot water containing the dissolved cleaning powder.
> Clean the fixed parts of the group with a sponge for the upper part and with the brush for the gaskets.

> Brush the soaked parts until clean and rinse thoroughly.

Respect the order of reassembly.

> Close between the hopper and the grinder blades.
> Start the grinder in order to empty the remaining beans in between.
> Remove the hopper and empty it. 
> Clean the hopper with a slightly damp cloth.
> Pour the grinder cleaning granules on the grinder blades.
> Replace the hopper, fill with coffee beans and open again.
> Start the grinder several times until there is no more powder in the grinds.

Do not use these grounds.


> Clean the hopper with a slightly damp cloth each time the hopper is empty.
> At the end of each service, leave the porta-filter on the group-head in order to keep the gaskets humid.


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