The Ritual of Tea

The Essential Points

In order to release the full aromatic and flavor qualities of a tea, here are some brewing tips that you should follow. 

Water quality

The water quality is of the utmost importance. The water must be low in mineral content, and devoid of the odor of chlorine. For purified water, installing a water filter to your tap will suffice. 

Water temperature

It must vary between 80 and 900 C, that is to say very hot, but not boiling. For best results, use a kettle equipped with a thermostat. 

Measuring out your tea

- Sheer tea bag : one bag corresponds to two cups. Put the individually wrapped tea bag on a small saucer which will also serve to hold the tea bag when done steeping.

- Loose tea : measure one level teaspoon of tea per cup, or one large pinch for larger loose tea leaves. You must use a strainer or brewing basket to hold the tea and remove it easily when done steeping.

Steeping time
To fully enjoy the aroma of your tea, the steeping time is very important.

The teapot
If it is a terra-cotta teapot, it will absorb the aroma of the tea. It must therefore be reserved for only one kind of tea. Teapots made of glass, porcelain or metal, when rinsed with clear-water after brewing, can be used interchangeably.

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