The ORIGINS of Coffee

The origins of coffee are not precisely known. Legends and mysteries are kept alive over the centuries, but it is in Ethiopia that we find the oldest traces of coffee culture. In the 15th century, the small port town of Moka became the first place for coffee trading.

Coffee appeared in Europe from the mid-16th century. The first beans will follow in France around 1650, then 20 years later in Paris under the reign of Louis XVI.

There are two main varieties of coffee trees, both belonging to the rubiaceae family.

Coffea Arabica

Cultivated primarily in Central America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, this species originating in Africa is the most exploited. The greatest coffee vintages are Arabicas. There are a multitude of varieties.

Arabica has the advantage of being fairly low in caffeine. Its grain type reveals a great richness of aromas, tangy, sweet and fruity on infusion.

Coffea Canephora

Particularly robust variety which has undoubtedly earned its fruit the name of Robusta. Its cultures are mainly located in Africa, Brazil and Indonesia, and grow up to 600 meters above sea level. Its caffeine level turns out to be two to three times higher than that of Arabica. Robusta is generally a very full-bodied, bitter coffee with few aromas. However, it contributes to the balance of certain blends.

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