How to Steam Perfectly Frothed Milk?


1 Pitcher
1 humid dish cloth
2 dry cloths
> 1 for the grill
> 1 to clean the porta-filter

  1. Purge The steam wand
  2. Fill A stainless steel pitcher approximately half-way with cold milk according to the size of pitcher used and the drinks to be made (cappuccino, latte...)
  3. Place the wand in the center of the pitcher, just under the surface of the milk
  4. Open the steam valve to the maximum position. Then lower the pitcher slowly in order to maintain the nozzle just under the surface (stretching phase)
  5. Create when the milk is no longer cold, tilt the pitcher and place the wand deeper in a diagonal position towards the side wall. This creates a swirling motion (texturing phase) 
  6. Clean after turning off the steam, purge again and clean the steam wand

Some Tips:

  1. Swirling effect will mix the the froth with the hot milk (texturing)
  2. Constantly verify the temperature by touching the side of the pitcher. If you are unable to keep your hand more than 3 seconds without burning yourself, this means that the milk is hot enough! More than 3 seconds, milk is not yet hot enough.
  3. Purge the steam wand before and after preparation of the frothed milk. This will avoid any accumulated water and any remaining milk inside the steam wand. 
  4. If you are making more than one milk-based drink, you will need a second pitcher to divide the foam.

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