Guide to the French Press

There are many different types of coffee makers or coffee processes that allow very different brewing levels. They are suitable for all tasting moments: from strong Italian coffee, to after-meal coffee or filter coffee for breakfast.

Alas, it is hard to out-do the classics... With the French Press, or "Cafetière à piston", one can enjoy a bold extraction process and unique aromas, along with ease of use, originality and delicious coffee.

The French press is easy to use. It allows a very good extraction of aromas and reveals the complexity of the terroirs of the pure origins, on condition of using a suitable grind and coffee dose as well.

After placing the ground coffee in the bottom of the coffee maker, simply pour in the simmering water and let stand for about 4 minutes. By exerting pressure, you must finally press the plunger so that the filter goes down to the bottom and thus separates the coffee from the grounds.

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French Press Brewing Instructions:

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