Classic Coffees

The art of developing a good coffee requires a sound, sophisticated knowledge of the different lands, species, varieties and harvests. Developed with precision by coffee-lovers, Cafés Richard blends are classic and made from jealously guarded recipes, a harmonious balance of aromas and flavors.

The Classic blend collection includes PERLE NOIRE, CAFÉ FLORIO, ROUGE RICHARD, and DK RICHARD DECAF.

PERLE NOIRE is our emblematic blend - A unique & elegant blend of the finest Arabica origins. An exceptional coffee, iconic of the Parisian brasseries.  100% Arabica.  The tasting notes are a round, harmonious and beautifully balanced blend of the finest Arabica origins. A generous, full-bodied yet rounded palate finishing with spicy notes of gingerbread and fruit.

CAFÉ FLORIO is the perfect Italian-style coffee combining sweetness and force.  100% Arabica.  The tasting notes are the aroma is sweet and mellow with notes of dark chocolate. The palate is intense yet refined and rounded, softening to a gentle sweetness. A long and lingering finish with aromatic hints of caramel and licorice.

ROUGE RICHARD is a blend of fine Arabica with a touch of the highest quality Robusta offers an espresso or slow brew coffee of great body and richness with harmonious aromatic balance.  The tasting notes are a sweet, fragrant coffee with an exceptionally long mouthfeel, great body with harmonious aromatic balance.

DK RICHARD DECAF is all the pleasure of an aromatic coffee without the caffeine. 100% Arabica.  The tasting notes are a well balanced blend, flavorful and unctuous. This decaffeinated blend retains all of its aroma and flavor, offering an enjoyable espresso or slow brew coffee at any moment of the day.

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