Blue Mountain

There is only one growing region of note in Jamaica, and it is probably one of the most famous growing regions in the world.

Blue Mountain

The subject of one of the most successful pieces of marketing in coffee's history, this particular region of Jamaica is clearly defined and well protected. Only coffees grown between 900 and 1,500m (3,000 and 4,900ft) in the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland and Saint Mary can be referred to as 'Jamaica Blue Mountain'. Coffees grown between 450 and 900 meters (1,500 and 3,000 feet) can be called 'Jamaica High Mountain', and anything below this may be called 'Jamaica Supreme' or 'Jamaica Low Mountain'. The coffees are sold under the name of the mill in which they are processed. These mills may occasionally keep a large estate's coffee separate, but usually they buy from the myriad of smallholders who grow coffee in the region. For a long time, the majority of Jamaica's Blue Mountain production was sold to Japan. It was exported in small wooden barrels rather than in jute bags. The harvest is in June and July.

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